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The doctor said that he does not have the Alzheimer disease, but his immediate memory has disappeared. That’s the consequence of his old age; his brain is damaged and he is incurable. He can’t remember simple things like the date of the day or where he was putting away his bicycle.
In the past, before the diagnose, he didn’t understand why nobody of us did not trusting him, so he became aggressive. Now, he is aware of his disease, he is quiet, but sad and we don’t know if he accepts or understands this terrible happening.
This man, my father, is brilliant and very intelligent, he has an enormous memory of the past and we can easily discuss on physics or mathematics problems; but for now on, all small events of the daily life are occurring weird for him, due to the lack of instantaneous memory.

I’m not sad, when I meet him, because he needs love and happiness, I can’t forget what he did for me, even we don’t share the same ideas about life or religion.

Neurodegenerative diseases are so cruel for all off us…

If you read me, don’t worry, sometimes I’m sad, but living on this planet is so beautiful and my father gave me that wonderful opportunity.